The Awards

SAMFCO established the Amistad Award in 2000 to recognize an individual or an organization that personifies the mission of the Council.

Is made in sterling silver and has a blue topaz, the state stone of Texas, set in it. This unique medallion, with a reference to Mayan and Aztec art, was designed and crafted by Pat Gavin, Master Metalsmith. Recipients of the Award distinguish themselves by their dedication to strengthening and promoting the cultural and historical ties shared by the citizens of San Antonio and Mexico.

The Ohtli Award

Is the Mexican government’s highest honor for a Mexican national living outside of Mexico who has devoted part of his/her life and professional activities to “forging a new path” abroad for their country men and women. The award celebrates and acknowledges the value of the altruistic activities the person engages in on a constant basis, to promote the well-being of fellow Mexicans.

The Orden Mexicana del Aguila Azteca

This is the highest decoration awarded by the Mexican government to foreign nationals whose work has benefited Mexico and Mexicans.


2000 - Carlos M. Sada
2002 - Carlos Álvarez
2004 - Nelson Wolf
2005 - Ricardo Romo
2006 - Juan Ramón de la Fuente
2008 - Antonio O. Garza
2009 - Charlie A. González
2010 - NADBank
2011 - Edward E. Whitacre Jr.
2012 - Rubén Escobedo y Verónica Salazar Escobedo
2013 - Lila Cockrell
2014 - Gordon Hartman y Fernando Landeros
2015 - Asociación de Empresarios Mexicanos
2016 - Patricia Pliego-Stout
2018 - La Familia Cortez